The Augustine Casino Benefit Rewards


The Augustine Casino in Coachella, California is a popular modern destination for gamblers throughout the local area. It is also one of the few casinos on our site that does not offer lodging accommodations, but there are several quality resorts nearby to consider if you are a traveler. It is also important to point out that although the Augustine features over 800 slots and video poker machines, there are only about a dozen card tables available and none of your other Vegas favorites. With that said, the rewards program is designed with locals in mind and it offers slightly more than its competitors do.

The Augustine Rewards Overview

The Players Club benefits at the Augustine Casino are a three tier program that is designed to enhance the overall experience for everyone. All levels come with basic perks like valet parking and occasional free bonus play, plus gamblers can build up rewards points that can be redeemed for gifts and other types of comps. High rollers receive cash comps, very lucrative match-play offers, and superior service.

The Augustine Rewards- The Good

For a very basic casino that is limited by its number of games, the Augustine does a very good job of creating a fun atmosphere that gamblers can enjoy. The rewards program, in particular, comes nowhere near to what you’d find at a major establishment in Las Vegas or Reno, but at the same time they go out of their way to make you feel welcome and appreciated. In the end, that’s all a rewards program is supposed to do…and it happens at the Augustine Casino.

Serious gamblers should find the comp games and free cash an extremely lucrative incentive to make this their top destination when they are gambling at home, because in the end it is not really about free meals and a hotel room upgrade. The Augustine knows exactly who their clients are and they cater to their needs perfectly.

The Augustine Rewards- The Bad

The bad traits of the Augustine Casino is exactly the same as the good; they simply are not large enough to offer top-caliber rewards that you’d find in larger casino chains. With that said, however, neither are any of the other local casinos competing for each player’s patronage. It would really be unfair to judge this location by the same standards as we’d judge the MGM Grand or Paradise Isle because they cater to two completely different classes of gamblers.

The Augustine Rewards- Overall

Overall, the Augustine is a fine establishment that does a very good job of keeping the sport of gambling simple. They do not offer huge rewards to the average customer but they do not pretend to either, which is a big part of why they stand out from their competitors. Although you could do better in the state of California if you’re searching for loyalty rewards, you likely will not find a casino that is this open or honest about their policies.