Titan Poker Review


Titan poker seems to be a nice site, very basic no crazy graphics, just a very neat black and white start up page. The site has been running for six years now and you can follow on Facebook or Twitter. On the home page it is possible to see how many players are on line (almost 14000 when I checked) . All the tabs on the home page are the drop down type and are nice and easy to use. A multitude of languages are available so whatever country you are from you are bound to find your native tongue somewhere in the list. When you press the drop down Icon to start you are immediately confronted with an age restriction of 18 to carry on.

Minimum requirements to download and successfully fun the programme are :-

CPU 500Mhz

RAM 512 MB

16MB VID card

950 MB free space on your hard drive

Recommended requirements to run the site are :-

CPU Pentium III 1Ghz

256 MB VID card

If you are not sure that you have these requirements then the support desk can be contacted and they will run through it with you.

Download is free and is done by just clicking the download icon.

The poker plays well as you would expect from a site of the calibre and runs smooth, although I did experience a slight lag whilst playing the game. This did not affect the playability of any hand. Poker Special features are scarce but make the game easier for you to get comfortable with what you are used to. Some of these features include, Lobby View, Mini table View, Four colour deck option, player notes, full screen options and live support.

There is a poker guru that is available for the beginners or the masters of the game. For the beginner it will show you the basics of the game and the rules of what you can and cant do. When you have done the basics the guru will show you how to play a game properly with a small quiz at the end to see if you have actually absorbed this. I have been playing poker for 20 years and failed the quiz. Which just goes to show anyone can learn something new with this site. The Guru is free and really easy to use I really like this and I think this is one of the best parts of the site.

Titan poker has one of the biggest card accept lists I have ever seen on a poker site. The list is massive literally and would be best if you had an unusual payment method to run down their list and I bet you will find it somewhere on it.

Titan Poker has won an award for its customer service this being The Readers Choice Awards 2006, 2007, 2008 and again in 2011. They are very proud of this and has a page on the site dedicated to this. To be perfectly honest I also would be proud of this achievement also.